Mother Gives An Ordeal Of How Her 12 Year Old Daughter Was Defiled By Her Father


A wedded woman is reconsidering her decision to stay in her marriage after she became aware of the alleged defilement of her daughter by her husband.

The woman, known simply as Saviour, is accusing her husband of defiling her 12-year-old daughter since 2016.

She recalled how her daughter’s teacher called to complain about how the first-position student was slacking, having been constantly distracted in class.

Saviour said she coerced her daughter to confide in her, and she did, revealing her step-father had been sexually assaulting her.

After denying the accusation and traveling out of the country, she said the suspect returned after almost a year and allegedly continued the obscene act.

“I am a seamstress so one day I was selecting clothes with my daughter and I saw a bloody panty and underwear stuffed in her clothes. I initially thought she was menstruating, but she was too young for that. I panicked and forced her to tell me what happened and she confessed her father defiled her,” she said on Nhyira FM‘s Obra.

The victim, speaking on the act, stated her step-father advanced from fondling and ‘fingering’ her to inserting his manhood into her private part.

She recounted how anytime her mother was out of sight, the man she had grown knowing as her father took advantage of the opportunity to defile her.

In an instance, the then eight-year-old stated her screams attracted some neighbours who forced open their single room door, but they were too late.

David, reacting to the allegations, said he did not break the child’s virginity.

He mentioned a kindergarten memory of when the child was fondled by a neighbour as his defense.

He later went on to say his wife was no longer sexually appealing and described her breast as flat as a leaf.

Source: NhyiraFm


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