The biggest liar in Ghana now is Bawaumia -Kyiri Abosom (Video)


The flag bearer for the Ghana Union Movement(GUM) Osofo Kyiri Abosom has stated emphatically that Bawumia is the biggest liar now in Ghana.

According to Kyiri Abosom, Bawumia hasi promised several projects and never delivered. Some of the projects he listed included; 1V1D, One village one borehole and among others.

In a video sighted by, he said; “Bawumia has been lying and if you go to the grounds of what he mentioned, nothing of it’s sort is there”, he added that if Bawumia wants to be trusted, then he needs to change in the times ahead else his current lying state cannot be trusted by anyone”.

Meanwhile, Kyiri Abosom added that if Bawumia is talking to you straight in the eye, it’s more dangerous. It is better to listen to him from the back and that may be better.

Watch Full Video Below:



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