Kwahu Obomeng Chief Narrates How They Arrested 22 LGBT People At Lesbian Wedding In Obomeng.


Mpraeso District Police have arrested 22 alleged lesbians over a planned lesbian wedding at Kwahu Obomeng.

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The chief of the town confirmed this to Angel Fm, saying they heard rumors of this planned wedding so they alerted the police to effect the arrest.

Kwahu Obomeng Chief, Nana Effah Opinaman III, LGBTQ+ is a “taboo” and they will perform rituals to cleanse the town, especially the house that hosted it.

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SGT Francis Gomado, PRO of the Eastern Regional Police Command, disclosed that 22 persons were arrested at what attendees told the Mpraeso District Police, where they are held, that it was a birthday party The Police however say they found no evidence of lesbian marriage at the place.



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