Ghana Police ‘Wanted’ List Shows That Three Nigeria Are On The Run After Murdering Their Friend


Three Nigerians are on the wanted list of police and residents of Gomoa Bantama for allegedly murdering their friend.

The deceased was found in a prone position in their room, with the green carpet soaked with his blood.

Witnesses suggest the victim rented the apartment and invited one of the suspects to stay with him, and he, in turn brought in the two others.

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Residents said no disturbance or misunderstanding was heard of, only for the door to be forced open yesterday, to expose his lifeless body.

The victim’s neck had been slit from ear to ear, and another deep wound was visible at the back of his head.

The condition of the body had caused witnesses to suspect the murder was ritual motivated. Others also disclosed all four roommates were suspected cybercriminals.

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Chief of Gomoa Bantama, Nana Kwesi Amoani, has expressed fury over the act of his foreign subjects.

In an interview with Adom News, Nana Amoani said he will not sit idle and allow foreigners to bring shame to his community and called on residents to report any misbehaviour of persons, whether nationals or not.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Chief of Gomoa Bantama, Kessinton Oledo, who said he was feeling bad about the situation, called on Nigerians to be of their best behaviour or face eviction.

Source: AdomOnline


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