Just In: A 200 Level Student Of KTU Suspended Indefinitely For Flauting Covid-19 Protocols


The World is leaving in Fear and Panic each breaking day and Ghana is not an exception all geared towards the risk of not contracting the novel Corona virus which is no respector of persons.

Reports reaching the desk of Ghnewspress.com states that a Level 200 student of the Koforidua Technical University (KTU) in the eastern Region of Ghana has been suspended indefinitely following violation of safety protocols to curb covid-19 and indiscipline behaviours.

According to the narrator Mr. Martin Oborty (Engineering Mathematics Lecturer), “The suspended student happened to be a victim of Exam Mal-practice for the past semester and per the school rules, he was tantamount to indefinite suspension but the School authorities pardoned him with regards to covid-19.

Again, On the 3rd of February this year, he was sighted in a conversation with his colleagues without a nosemask yet have it in his pocket and when a lecturer asked him to mask up, he replied the lecturer to leave him alone in an ill- mannered way.

The Lecturer further called him and he refused to attend to him. Unknowingly for the student, he was followed by the lecturer who had a grasp of him in his lecture hall and processed him to the administration to be dealt with. And there this time around, the authorities see no amount of prayer that can turn down his offer of which he budgeted for as indefinite suspension.

Both name of lecturer and student involved in the banter have been held for security reasons.

Source: Ghnewspress.com


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