Breaking News: 21 Year Old Teacher Commits Suicide At Obuasi

A fabric low poly suicide rope with slipknot placed on the white concrete wall with white space on left. 3D illustration and rendered by program Blender.

Waling has taken over a compound in Obuasi as a 21-year-old teacher has committed suicide.

The deceased, identified only as Nana, is described as shy and a staunch Christian, giving his parents no answers as to what may have pushed him to hang himself.

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Father of the deceased, speaking to Adom News, said his son was found hanging in his bedroom, with a fallen plastic chair on his bed.

He gave the details that Nana executed the fatal act with a rope from their bathhouse which he connected to the hook of a ceiling fan.

He was discovered already dead, hours after he did not show up at the Montessori where he taught primary pupils.

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Nana’s devastated father said he would have had closure to his son’s death if he left a suicide note.

The deceased has been described as a man of few words, an attitude he kept even till his death.


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