2020 Elections: Kumasi Businessman Calls For Constitutional Amendment


A Kumasi based businessman of International repute, Nana Bonsu has called for a thorough constitutional amendment.

Popularly known as Mandela, he has called on the government and the relevant stakeholders take a second look at the 1992 constitution. Again, amend some clauses that do not favour the rapid socio-economic development of  the country.

Reacting to the disquiet after the 2020 general elections, Nana Mandela observed when constitution was originally passed. It gave direct eight years mandate to every president or incumbent president instead of  four terms intervals for another election.

Also, the issue of election violence, misunderstanding, huge political campaign expenditure. This he saids, including material cost on the Electoral Commission would be avoided.

Nana Mandela described as a waste of national resources, the general elections conducted every four years.

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 ”breeds corruption, especially on the part of the incumbent government who can influence elections  by applying all the state resources at its disposal to maintain power”


He said the same thing can be said about the parliamentarians. He accused them of using all foul means to maintain their positions. As a result, it enables them collect their end of service benefits (ex-gratia). 

Re-echoing his stance on the constitutional amendment, he said the four-year term cannot guarantee any president to perform. Moreover, another re-election also drains state coffers.

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Source: Ghnewspress.com/KingAmoah


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